Read through all sections of your trip Details

We’ve worked hard to try and give you as much information about each trip as we possibly can. We want to be transparent about what the trips includes before the trip and not to have any surprises later. The FAQ’s section is particularly useful, but just in case we’ve missed something we have a chat box on each page where we’ll answer quick questions immediately during office hours or you can call us and speak to one of our great specialists (we promise it will be straight through to a staff member – no automated systems for you to navigate!!)

Deciding to Book

All our trips can be booked wholly online 24 hours a day 7 days a week using a desktop, laptop, tablet or even mobile device. Our secure payment system can take deposit payments, interim staged payments and final balances. Once a payment is made you’ll receive an immediate confirmation and receipt confirming all the trip inclusions as well as what’s been paid and what’s left to pay. If you prefer to book your trip by phone we’re happy to do that also with no additional fees. Note here, the price you see is the price you pay we never add any additional fees after you’ve booked and all taxes and gratuities are always included in the price!


As you get closer to your departure you’ll receive emails from us letting you know when the final payments are due and updating you as to any documentation we may need from you. Once you are ready to make the final payment again you can choose to do this online or by phone.

Detailed Guide

4 weeks prior to departure you’ll receive an email from us with all your trip documents. We provide a comprehensive day by day itinerary along with a host of incredibly useful information about the cities/countries you’ll be visiting. We also include a lot of really useful information about the events you’re attending including security and bag policies and insider tips on how to make the most of your experience. Your online documents in most cases include either e tickets to the events themselves, links to access your tickets by phone or in some limited cases you’ll be collecting your tickets from our tour host on site (Masters, Super Bowl etc).

Exclusive Group

As part of your trip documents e-mail, you’ll also receive a link to a special Facebook group that’s private and exclusive to members of the tour group as well as your tour host. This enables you to introduce yourselves to the other travellers, virtually meet your tour host and ask any questions – this group will be live throughout the trip.

Tour Hosts

Your tour hosts for each trip are carefully chosen for their knowledge of the sport and city/cities that you’ll be visiting. Being a tour host with the STT group is demanding and only 1 in every 20 people who apply get chosen. We expect only the highest standard of all our staff and especially our tour hosts.

24/7 Support

Once the trip begins not only do you have 24/7 access to our on site tour hosts but you also have a 24/7 emergency telephone number which acts as a backup should an emergency arise.