How it all started

It's hard to believe that more than 20 years ago, a passion was ignited and our company was formed. Travel programs by Sports Fans, for Sports Fans. Not much has changed except for the speed of technology and perhaps a few gray hairs! We've dedicated our time and energy into creating great programs, for you, our devoted travelers. We want you to know that each year we kick it into high gear with new partnerships and collabrations that will benefit you - our customer. Our goal is to always provide the best components, experiences and customer service. As you plan your calender, please be sure to include us. We are here to help make your dream trips a reality. And if you have traveled with us over the years, we would love nothing more than to have you send us your stories and photos in an email to We'd like to spread the joy throughout all our platforms, including our website , emails and Social Media. Thank you to you, our awesome customers, and we look forward to seeing you again and again.

Why Choose Us?

Well, for us here at STT, our WHY has inspired us, driven us and it's never changed. As our tag line reads, Travel for Sports Fans, By Sports Fans. We understand your passion. We are aware of the love for the game, regardless of the sport. In your free time, it's all you want to do and see. We get it. We've built a business around that understanding. For more than 20 years we've been creating incredible sporting experiences at affordable prices. Our clients have seen NFL games at all 32 stadiums, experienced Super Bowls and attended Pro Bowls in Miami and Hawaii. We've taken groups to every hockey arena in North America, as well as to Russia to see the KHL. We've travelled to NBA All-Star games…we’ve even seen college ball on an aircraft carrier! We've stood by the 18th green of the Masters and cheered wildly as the Ryder Cup was won, we've put headphones on at Grand Prix and sang at Soccer Stadiums in Europe. With the utmost in attention to detail and customer service, for serious sports fans STT is the only choice.

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by @sportstraveltours